What Time Is It?


By John McBride

I know, the best place to start is at the beginning, and what better time than January of a brand new year to start afresh. Even in a new year though, I sometimes have a hard time getting going. Motivation has always been lacking in my life. I haven’t yet set goals for myself for the year. Yes, I’m about 20 pounds over my ideal weight and I plan to lose that. I also plan to make time to read more, because if I want to develop as a writer then I absolutely must read what others have to say . But what other goals should I set for myself? And how do I hold myself accountable for these goals? Sure I can make a nice list of things that I vow to accomplish, goals to achieve, boundaries to break through, but if the past is any indication of future events I will find this list buried in a junk drawer 3 years from now,  and not even give it a second glance as I toss it into the trash.

Sometimes it feels as though I have just floated through life, that everything has come a little too easily for me, that I haven’t really had to struggle for too much. It’s not as though my life has been nothing but a bed of roses, far from it, but I never had a dream that I’ve striven for, never had a goal that I worked hard to achieve. Writing is always something that I have enjoyed doing, something that has come to me naturally and easily, which is probably why I am drawn to it because for me at least, it doesn’t require all that much effort. Lots of soul searching going into this one, I am not even sure that this one will be published. This one might get a little too personal, this one may just scratch the surface a little deeper than I am ready for just yet. But as I stated in my introductory post, this is really more of a self-imposed, public therapy session than anything else.

I suppose as I write this, I am trying to find answers to my past, actions for my present, and plans for my future. Actually, this blog in itself is somewhat the fulfillment of a goal. I have meant to start writing something of this nature for quite a while and at last it has come to fruition. Maybe, this is the start of a new me. Could I possibly become this totally motivated person after all these years that goes to the gym 3-4 times a week and eats all his veggies? Someone who sets attainable goals and strives to achieve them, someone who’s tenacity outweighs his laziness. I believe it can be done; I have the desire, but often lack the drive.
The only way most of us can truly change is with help. Sure there are self-starters in the world who without anyone’s input or assistance can change the way they live their lives, but for most people, we need help. My wife tries to help me and she does a really good job, (I know you’re reading this!), but I quite often have a difficult time hearing what she has to say. I will take her constructive suggestions and interpret them as criticism because they are contrary to the way I’ve been doing things, (even though my way wasn’t working).
And so start I must, start to understand who I have been, start to do the things that God has called me to do, start to take my own advice and do more for others. It’s time to begin anew, time to allow God to create a new me and just get out of His way. Time to step aside, put my own plans and aspirations on the back burner and see exactly where God’s journey leads me, time to be faithful and obedient, attuning my ear to His voice so that I can be certain of the direction He is pointing me in. It is time to get going, time to stop being lazy and start accepting the help that He longs to give me and allow God to do in me what has been planned for my life from the beginning of time. It’s time!!


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